A Multi-Generational Church

A Multi-Generation Church

In some respects, we live in an unusual day.  For one of the first times in history, we are experiencing the impact of four to five generations in the church at one time.  This affects how we function as a body, but do we even recognize the differences?  How do we account for them?  Which generation is better off?  We have taken three weeks to study this issue together in our combined Adult Bible Study class.  

For those who have requested the resources, you can find them below.  

You can download the powerpoint presentations from each week as a pdf.  Click on each link and you can see it, download or print it.  

 Week #1 - A Multi-Generational Church 

Week #2 - An Examination of the Generations

Week #3 - The Role of Conscience 


To hear each of the individual sessions, please visit our sermons page or sermonaudio.com